We need to diversify the freezer

What better way to begin a food blog, than with some food. Clearly I’m not offering food right now for eats,  just the stuff you see in photos rather generously accompanied by details on how to make it.

Fried aubergine and courgette with rocket salad

Fried Courgette and Aubergine

Let’s call this one “Fried&Floured, Courgette&Aubergine & a little bit of everything else”. Let’s also call it less of a name and more of a description.

Simple as:

  • 2 x courgettes
  • 1 x aubergine
  • White flour
  • 2 handfuls of rocket
  1. Slice up courgette and aubergine.
  2. Lay out and salt both sides.
  3. Rinse the salt.
  4. Dry on kitchen roll/towel.
  5. Season white flour with cumin, corriander, pepper.
  6. Coat each slice.
  7. Fry each slice in a pan (1cm veggie oil approx) until golden.
  8. Lay out on kitchen roll.

Then serve with rocket, houmous, yoghurt (obviously minus this for a vegan version) and chilli sauce or whatever you fancy/have laying around.

This happened to use up a lot of left-overs out of the fridge, so was really quick and was promptly woofed down by two hungry Londoners. Not to mention I’d already eaten a slice of cake upon arriving home. It’s a new thing, dessert first.

We’re diversifying the freezer by means of introducing more things (other than soup) to it. This meal brought about that revelation, so I thought it only fitting to title this post as such.

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