Baked apple and rhubarb meringue pie

Oh my! This dessert was a bit of an experiment and it worked beautifully.

4 sticks rhubarb
5 small apples
Healthy dose cinnamon powder
Soft brown sugar

6 egg yolks
360g caster sugar
30g liquid glucose (optional)
80ml water

The meringue recipe came from Eggs book by Michel Roux. You’ll need a sugar thermometer.

Combine the water, sugar and glucose in a saucepan and start to heat.

Separate the eggs and put in a mixing bowl and get your whisk ready.

Ensure you have a glass of water and pastry brush as you’ll need to brush down the sides of the pan to stop the sugar crystallising on the edges. We used a silicon pastry brush this time, last time we made meringue we used a normal brush and some of the brush hairs came off. Silicon worked much better this time.

Once it starts to bubble, put in the sugar thermometer and watch for t temperature to reach 110 degrees C.

At this point you can start beating the egg whites. Mix until they start to form stiff peeks. At this point one of us was on egg whites and one on sugar syrup.

Watch the sugar mixture carefully, as soon as it’s reached 121 degrees C remove from heat and allow the bubbles to subside (about 30 seconds) and then add slowly to the egg whites.

Once all the sugar mixture is combined, you’ll need to continue mixing on a low speed for 15 minutes until the meringue mixture is almost completely cooled.

And then it’s ready to spoon over whatever you fancy.

We baked the apples and rhubarb with 4 tbsps soft brown sugar, 2 tsps cinnamon and 3 tbsps water and baked at 150 degrees C for 40 minutes.

Then the meringue was spooned over the top and put under the grill until browned and golden on top. I watched this happen so it didn’t burn – approximately 4 minutes but it’ll depend on your grill so I recommend keeping a eye on it. Obviously if you have a blow torch you can skip the grill and just use that.

We had about half the meringue mix left and intend to use it for another dessert as it’ll keep in the fridge for 48 hours.





2 thoughts on “Baked apple and rhubarb meringue pie

    • Just re-read this comment and realised I missed out on your carrot cake. Please reissue said cake at a time convenient to you and preferably before I leave (ideally next week). Thanks for the blog support man, appreciate your comments. Innit.

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