Ginger Pig restaurant in Hove

We spent the afternoon attending a whisky tasting at the Hilton on Brighton sea front as part of the food festival.

After such a hearty start to the day we decided at least a three course meal was required. One of our party had previously been to the Ginger Pig and recommended it – straight away we booked a table and polished off our whiskeys from the tasting. The Peat Monster from Compass Box Whiskey was my favourite new whiskey from the event, just as an aside.

We got our table for 6:30pm and kicked off with bread on the table and before long the starters had arrived and we knew we were in for a treat.

I got started with the Crispy Polenta and mozzarella and a very tasty accompaniment of olives and anchovy. Suffice to say it didn’t stick around long. Highlights also were the duck heart salad and endives and the octopus carpaccio (the latter was unanimously the favourite starter of the group – we were all trying each other’s dishes).



Main up next – I went from the specials board and ordered bream with pea gnocchi. It was lovely – I love to get seafood when near the sea, it just seems right, and they executed this one perfectly. The braised rabbit with chickpeas and chorizo from the specials was good, and the teriyaki mullet was also lovely (but not as good as the bream which was definitely a winner).


Dessert, again off the specials board, was the chef’s take on a peanut butter sarnie. I think that’s all I need to say on that one.

Total for 4 of us with a selection of drinks (beers, cocktails and coffees) came to £44 per person including drinks. Would definitely do the £6 taxi ride from Brighton centre to do dinner there again.

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