The weekly shop

Turns out the bank holiday weekend is going to be mostly about food and food shopping.

Yesterday we headed to the Anchor and Hope on The Cut for an early luncheon. Three courses later and we were sated and a little bit tipsy. One caution on this eatery, it’s not vegetarian friendly. I was eating veggie and there was really only one choice for starter and main: asparagus with melted butter to start with spiced lentils and goat’s curd cheese for main.

Both we’re tasty but certainly didn’t blow my socks off. The asparagus was a tiny bit watery and the first couple of bites of the lentils I thought I could taste stock powder.

My poppyseed cheesecake with caramelised orange segments, on the other hand, was amazing:

Light, rich, syrupy goodness. I’d go back just for that dessert.

The apple almond tart with creme anglais and prunes didn’t quite hit the spot however. It was nice but the cheesecake is where it’s at.

The boys had far more choice for meat dishes: pappardelle and beef shin; lamb with Asian sauce and asparagus. There was a kid leg for 4 to share which the table next to us had, firm hangover cure if you could afford to £68 it cost.

Service was lacking a little, but fast enough. Our bill came to £88 for 3 courses for 3 people with a round of pints (excluding tip).

After this meal we headed down to the South Bank to visit the Real Food Market. We were also there for the wine and cheese festival the previous weekend, where we had the experience of trying savoury macarons:

I’m not entirely convinced to be frank; two sweet macaron shells with a chunk of cheese in the middle. At £2 a mouthful too. I wasn’t itching to seek them out again.

Today we’ve been to the trusty Blackheath Market. A simple bus ride away from our flat in Stratford, we usually go there in pursuit of fish. Alas, today it was not meant to be! However we did get some lovely spoils:


Most excited about the goat’s curd and courgette flowers.

Here are some more pictures from the weekend thus far:







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