We’re back with a live beer tasting – Nest Beer Amber Ale

Hitachino Nest Beer Amber ale from the Kituchi Brewery Ibaraki, Japan. 5.5%.

“This amber ale is a reddish brown beer brewed with a rich malt and bitter hops. Please enjoy the well-balanced flavour and taste.”

Charlie says:

Perfect post-sushi beer for me. It’s light so feels perfect for summer time drinking, has a mildly bitter aftertaste which adds to the overall flavour.

We’re sharing one 500ml bottle between two, but definitely suitable for quaffing to oneself. Ruddy drinkable.

Ty says:

Little bit of a caramel taste to it. Not hoppy. It’s a nice amber ale.



Next up, another Hitachino Nest. Japanese Classic Ale, matured in cedar casks. 7.5%.

“This Japanese classic ale is a recreation of the first Japanese beer made in the Edo period. Please enjoy the Japanese taste. Aged in cedar barrels like the old IPA style method from England.”

Charlie says:

A bit bitter for me on the first sip, but softens after that. Least favourite of the two, but would still order again.

Ty says:

I quite like it. Slight bitter note.



2 thoughts on “We’re back with a live beer tasting – Nest Beer Amber Ale

  1. Is it bad I discovered this post at 8:30 in the morning? I will definitely keep an eye out for these. I tried a couple of Japanese ales from the Kituchi Brewery when I was last in Washington DC. Very impressed with the flavour of both of them, plus the owl bottle tops look so good I wanted to keep them.

    • I kept all the bottle tops (and the bottles as well). Can’t bring myself to part with them. The plan is to stock up on more of these, Brew Dog seem to be offering them up for order for the long-term. Very happy about that. Also very intrigued about the Brewery in DC – an Autumn trip may be on the cards…

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