Cake decorating course in High Gate

We recently cashed in one of our Groupon vouchers and headed up to The Bull in Highgate to part take in a 2 hour cupcake decorating class.

Obviously, the cupcakes were already prepped for us to work decorative magic on. There were four different designs to attempt, starting off using piping bag and nozzle to create a rose:




Naturally, the effect was finished off with edible glitter.

We also used dyed royal icing to roll out and cut shapes to fit the tops of the cupcakes. I find this type of icing to be an acquired taste, but the decorative effect can be very good. I loved making the pink rose, and the shoe was pretty impressive (though not my favourite – it was trying too hard) but had lots of royal icing.

The butter icing was made 1 part butter to 2 parts icing sugar, the lady recommended a particular liquid you can drop into the mix to make it completely white and loose the yellow from the butter. I definitely want to experiment with a butter icing recipe in order to try and reduce the sugar a bit.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the course in pictures:









Given we have a lot of piping nozzles and an eternal love and cupcakes, it’s really time to put these new skills into action. Will post any experiments up the blog.

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