Burgers in donuts – need more be said?

I didn’t have to ask twice about whether to get tickets to the latest Bompass and Parr collaboration. The Mercedes Drive-thru in the old Selfridges hotel underground car park; in association with Mercedes-Benz and the Avant/Garde Diaries.

I went with absolutely no expectations, or I should say: being a seasoned B&P event goer, I was comfortably reassured that it was going to be good. And oh my, it was sweet, greasy, tasty good.

We were met by the curtained entrance by a very polite maître d, who (like all well briefed staff) immediately informed us about the cheese. A walk-through confirmed it was a veritable smorgasbord of British delights, including a British camembert and unpasteurised goat’s cheese:


Oh my, the cheese:




We were shorty after ushered to through into the revolving restaurant and taken to the bar. As usual, someone did an excellent job of the staging, and the place was like a scene out of Twin Peaks – with giant, blown-up pictures of bodybuilders and heavy, red velvet curtains:


Suffice to say, all staff were inpecably dressed and incredibly polite. We soon ordered our food (me taking the veggie option, the Canadian opting for meat) and also ordered our sodas (mine a violet and elderflower concoction spiced up with a splosh of gin, the Canuck had the orange quinine one – preference was for the violet):


The violet one put me in the mind of parma violets and made me want to try using that flavour in cooking more often. Next we selected our seats (salami formica tables and stools no less) and revolved around, offering the opportunity for diners to marvel at the drive-thru spectacle unfolding through the windows, all the while moaning with delight at the food. Donuty, burgery, savoury…goodness gracious me:




All in all, a most excellent way to spend a an hour or two. £10 for a burger like you’ve never tried before, topped with some pretty outrageous soda, and a constant revolving spectacle before your very eyes. Oh yes, and that cheese! The experience was not diminished by the lack or car, I’d even go so far as to say the pedestrian experience was the better of the two options.

If there are tickets left, I highly recommend you get down there.

Just as an aside, if you are interested in Bompass and Parr I urge you to purchase the following two books:

Buy Bompass and Parr Jelly

Buy Bompass and Parr Cocktails

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