Food how to guide – how to prepare artichokes in pictures and words

Artichokes are great, and, though they are a bit of a faff to prepare, they’re worth the effort. Here are a few photos showing how to prepare them from our last artichoke feast:


To begin – chop the top 1/3 of the artichoke


It should look a bit like this when you’ve done that


Now chop the artichoke in half down the centre of the stalk


Now start to scoop the centre out of the artichoke and pull a few of the tougher outer leaves on.


Now continue to scoop out the fibrous inner part


Once it’s all scooped out it should look like this.


Keep the prepped artichokes in some water with lemon juice to stop them from browning


Cook and eat as you’d wish – these ones have been simply BBQed for a few minutes and served as is

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