Guest blogging for Penguin’s #penguincooks month

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Recently I was asked by my lovely colleagues at Penguin to write a guest blog as part of their #penguincooks campaign this October.

I decided to write about the nostalgia of cooking and have a look back at some of the vintage cook books from the Penguin archives.

You can read my Cooking from the archives post over on the Penguin blog.

The post was inspired by an old cooking notebook of my Great Nan’s that my mum recently bestowed upon me, it’s full of awesome recipe cards and leaflets. I just love the language and design of these things:
heirloom recipe books

A wonderful find and a treasure to keep and cook from forever more.

– Charlie

Adriano Zumbo – that is all

Today I plan on making my first attempt at macarons using Adriano Zumbo’s recipe from this book:


I was introduced to the sheer brilliance of Adriano when fostering an addiction to Australian Masterchef. Having since purchased the above, magical, brightly coloured book, I have flicked through and it’s an education.

There are a bewildering number of ingredients, I’ve not heard of nor do I know where to buy them.

Still, I feel a determination to attempt everything in the book. And today is the start; probably with the simplest recipe in the book.

Check back for a post on the success or failure of the macarons soon.