Beer tasting on the balcony: Brew Dog and Tate Lichtenstein APA

Another sunny Sunday, another beer tasting on the balcony.

This time it’s a collaboration with Brew Dog and the Tate, using Lichtenstein for the bottle design.

From the bottle: brewed with rye and US hops, this is a vibrant yet refreshing take on the American pale ale style.

Alc. 5.2%

Ty’s thoughts:

It’s good, hoppy. For me, it leaves a slight liquorice flavour on the back of the mouth. It’s very effervescent. I find it hard to describe the rye flavour – there is something about it that reminds me of rye breads, but it isn’t overtly rye or dark. I’ve known lots of rye beers to be darker in colour.

Charlie’s thoughts:

On a purely aesthetic note, the Lichtenstein inspired label design is awesome. On the beer itself, the first sip I thought it was too bitter for me, but the taste mellows on the second sip. Perhaps it’s the rye in it, but the flavour coats the mouth – and whilst it’s nice, I’m not sure I’d drink more than a half if out. I think maybe the rye gives it a heaviness that adds to that conclusion as well.


Back from the brink

It’s now pushing two years since this blog was updated. Despite all the general kitchen-based alchemy that’s taken place over this time and all the recipes committed to both book and memory, we’ve yet to share any wisdom on this blog.

So we’re bringing it back, with one key change – the introduction of some meat-based recipes. Without going into a long yarn about the original source and motivation behind my vegetarianism, all that I will make clear is that any meat used will be:

  1. Local
  2. Organic (wherever possible and where budget allows)
  3. Always free-range
I also live with a Canadian from a family of butchers and barbequers and a compromise has been made, let’s say. 

Quarter of a pig curing in various brines

Meat is well and truly on the menu

Right now we are processing pictures and putting together the words for a few new recipes. These will include things like: home hot smoked free range chicken; chocolate tart; free range ham hock terrine; cold smoking cheese.